A loving thanks to my dear wife Susan for encouraging me in all endeavors, but especially for her understanding, patience and tolerance as I spent many hours at the computer and with my mother, sister and childhood friends in pursuit of this project.

To my mother and sister, Rena and Jean Ann, I give heart-felt thanks for the many hours of discussions about our early lives. We had great fun examining numerous old photo albums (not seen in decades) and rediscovering our past lives as we shared stories, many of which  revealed surprising information about all three of us; at least to me, some of these revelations, combined with what I thought I knew, were nothing short of epiphanies. Many of those stories served as inspiration for parts of the book. But the most important outcome was the new bond forged- we were together as a family again; I suppose that is what the book is about after all. 

Thanks to my father, Harry, who left behind his personal memoirs of his experiences and exploits in Europe during World War II.

Thanks to all of the dear friends I made during the brief time I lived in McKinney, Texas as a kid. I especially want to thank Charles Bergvall and Linda Littlejohn James for the many pleasant hours of reminiscing.

Thanks to the two professionals who fined-tuned the story. Mary Rosenblum, my "literary mid-wife", expertly guided me through the processes of writing, publishing, and promoting a book. Sylvia Frost, the cover design artist, created a powerful image that captures the essence of the book- two kids having fun, watching their steps while trying to keep their balance.