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   When Amy Taylor moves with her family from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to small town McKinney, Texas in 1958, it's a big change for the eleven-year old girl. But right off the bat, a boy in her class, KC Sims, befriends her — whether she wants it or not.  Their eventual fondness for each other results in a “deal” that grows into an intense, mystical bond between the precocious, independent, but lonely youngsters. Their hopes and dreams are shattered when they are tragically separated, but not before their bond has matured to an unforgettable, unbreakable, and unending love. 

   More than forty years after their separation, in 2001, Amy reflects back on her brief time with KC after she unearths a disturbing truth and a mystery with threads that wind from World War II France through that magical year in McKinney and stretch into a murky future.  A terrifying guilt and remnants of a bittersweet love compel her to find and contact KC. The adult Amy and KC, both with families of their own now, are once more drawn to each other through the complex web of their pasts. Their special time together had been abruptly cut short, robbing them of a planned future together.  Feeling that they have no choice, they make a deal; they will take back their lost time somehow, while desperately attempting to maintain their relationship, their marriages, and their families.

Their spouses and families become friends, unaware of the true extent of the bond between KC and Amy. The two families agree to travel to Europe together to fulfill KC’s father’s long-time wish, while Amy tries to reconcile her relationship with her estranged father. KC is suddenly confronted with a previous relationship as Amy tightropes a rocky relationship with a previously unknown half-sister, Cinnamon Taylor. KC’s love for Amy causes events to collide and intertwine, revealing his final demon in the midst of terror, tragedy and triumph.

After BORROWED: A Story of Stolen Time, there will be CINNAMON’S RUN. It was a different kind of evil. One evolved from good intentions to serve all, mutating silently to serve most…then a few…then self…then none at all. Then again, it was not different at all.